Eat This, Don’t Eat That, No Wait, You Can Eat This

Confused?  Me too.  First you cannot eat something it’s bad for you.  Then, low and behold, it’s okay to eat a little of that, but leave off this stuff.  What are you to do?  And you think by chosing more veggies, you’re doing better.   Some vegetables even get into the act – now!  If the economy isn’t grim enough for you, just check out the February issue of the Journal of HortScience, which contains a report on the sorry state of American fruits and veggies. Apparently produce in the U.S. not only tastes worse than it did in your grandparents’ days, it also contains fewer nutrients — at least according to Donald R. Davis, a former research associate with the Biochemical Institute at the University of Texas, Austin. Davis claims the average vegetable found in today’s supermarket is anywhere from 5% to 40% lower in minerals (including magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc) than those harvested just 50 years ago.

And if you are wondering about how much pesticide is in your veggies you buy,  a full ranking of 53 vegetables and fruits, along with the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15, are available on the EWG website. You can also glance at the lists below:  (

Dirty Dozen:
1. Apples
2. Celery
3. Strawberries
4. Peaches
5. Spinach
6. Imported nectarines
7. Imported grapes
8. Sweet bell peppers
9. Potatoes
10. Blueberries
11. Lettuce
12. Kale/collard greens

Clean 15:
1. Onions
2. Corn
3. Pineapples
4. Avocado
5. Asparagus
6. Sweet peas
7. Mangoes
8. Eggplant
9. Domestic cantaloupe
10. Kiwi
11. Cabbage
12. Watermelon
13. Sweet potatoes
14. Grapefruit
15. Mushrooms

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4 Responses to Eat This, Don’t Eat That, No Wait, You Can Eat This

  1. The Rock says:


  2. jsnana says:

    Hey Rock, Good morning!!!!! Here’s one for ya’ll. Wow!

    (CNN) — A Southern California woman was in jail Wednesday after allegedly drugging her husband, cutting off his penis, throwing it into the garbage disposal and turning it on, Orange County police said.

    Catherine Kieu Becker put a drug or poison in her husband’s dinner Monday evening to make him sleepy, according to the initial police investigation.

    “The victim went to lie down and he woke up tied to the bed with his wife tugging his clothes off,” police said. “The suspect grabbed the victim’s penis and cut it off.”

    Becker told police he “deserved it” when they arrived at the scene after she called 911, the police report said. The couple is going through a divorce.

    Becker, 48, was arrested for aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning, and spousal abuse. She was booked into the Orange County Jail.

    The 51-year-old victim, who hasn’t been identified because he is an alleged victim of spousal abuse, underwent emergency surgery at the UCI Medical Center, police said.

  3. Kimmy Kim says:

    OMG! I read that! At first I laughed then started thinking about just how psycho this was. That was bat shiite crazy right there!

  4. Kimmy Kim says:

    Shall I point out their last name? Becker. Becker whacked the…

    Catherine Becker whacked the *ecker, how many *eckers did Catherine Becker whack?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist….too much?

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