Let’s Chat????

Hey all!.  Happy Friday.


55 Responses to Let’s Chat????

  1. jsnana says:

    Anyone here???? Laundry day at Nana’s house, and a rest from the water park.

  2. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Hey Nana, nothing going on here. I’m bored as hizzell and watchin’ the clock! So ready for the weekend………..even tho’ I don’t have isht planned, its just nice to have “me” time. School will be starting here in 2 weeks and I’ll be back to the hustle and bustle! So NOT ready!

  3. jsnana says:

    School starts here on the 22nd. Grandson is in driving school and now has his permit! Dang I’m feeling old.

  4. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Yeah, them driving is even scarier than us driving them. LOL

  5. jsnana says:

    I’m also tired of all the bad news – the heat – the crap out of DC – I have watched little news right now.

  6. jsnana says:

    We have no rain in sight for the next week at least and all highs in the 100s. But, surprisingly, the water’s been good at Hawaiian Falls and I never felt too hot.

  7. The Rock says:


  8. jsnana says:

    Be right back – gotta fold.

  9. jsnana says:


  10. The Rock says:

    If you are leaving, I will come back later too!

  11. The Rock says:

    I am so desperate for vacations, I have been looking up airline tickets for next year!

  12. jsnana says:


  13. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Hey Rock! I’m in need of a vacation too! But I have a lot going on this year! I need a cruise for next year, find me something cheap and beautiful! Is that too much? LOL!

    Nana, I’m sick of all the bad news too! It’s just getting to be too much! If I was Mr. Prez, next year I would put a big sign outside the white house that reads………….. “Since y’all don’t wanna act right, I’m up out this peace! Deuces!” Then turns and gives Michelle dap and the press the finger! LMAO @ that visual!

  14. jsnana says:

    I’m back, never have very much to fold. Rock, I need a vacation too! Kept trying to find something for labor day weekend, but never could get it to work. That baseball trip to Omaha did NOT feel like a vacation – just another weekend of baseball. At least last year when we went to Colorado, it felt like a vacation.

    • The Rock says:

      I think we went on vacation too early this year! And although I went to Savannah Memorial Day weekend, I need a whole week in the summer to do absolutely nothing but play in the water!!

      Sadly, I won’t be going on any more vacations till probably Thanksgiving. I just have to work hard and tough it out.

  15. The Rock says:

    Why you laughing, that’s probably how he really feels. I doubt he cares whether the second term is given to him. He has done enough for me these past few years to say “he did his best”. I am content with him not being elected a second term, but will be in line to try and make it happen. He is a great man and will always be remembered for all that he did for our country! i.e. getting Osama Bin Laden!

  16. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Y’all I am SO hungry!!!!!!!!!! I could literally eat a horse! So I guess its McD’s for me today, LOL!

  17. jsnana says:

    Eviee, I’m going on my first cruise ever next June with Shay and family! Can’t wait.

  18. The Rock says:

    I am going to the Cheesecake Factory in about an hour.

  19. jsnana says:

    Oh, and I’m gonna meet up with Kimmy and fam while were in Fla. too.

  20. The Rock says:

    Nana, did you read about the HP fans dissing Twilight?!! Why can’t people just enjoy both series.

    I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn and think the movie will end with Bella’s eyes opening up RED. What do you think?

  21. The Rock says:

    I’m only half way through the book. Still about 300 pages to go. LOL!!

  22. jsnana says:

    Hey, Rock, what time does the little boat leave. I’m probably gonna look at booking our air and hotel together after the first of the year.

    • The Rock says:

      The normally start letting you board the ship about 11:00 am, no later than 2:30 pm.

      Do you have a passport? You don’t need it, but it makes traveling easier. We have ours already.

      • jsnana says:

        Yea, we’re gonna have them by the time we leave. Gonna be setting up the appointment next month.

  23. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Rock, I hope he gets a second term too, but I am so pissed that congress makes it so hard for him at every term. I think there are some Dems in congress that don’t want to see him prevail as well as the Repubs. I have never seen so much adversity amongst them until his term in office. I wish our POTUS and first lady the best of luck next year! He’ll have my vote.

    Now ’bout my cheap/beautiful vacation spot……………I didn’t get an answer! LOL!

  24. The Rock says:

    Yeah Eve, why can’t you come on the cruise with us? It won’t be fun going on another one with just you and your fam?

  25. jsnana says:

    So, we are starting to look around for a car for grandson – all of us collectively – my daughter thinks it will be good for us to get it within the next 6 months so he can drive it and be familiar with it when he takes his driving test.

    • The Rock says:

      What age do they get to take the test? 16?

      • jsnana says:

        Yes, 16, and he has to have lots of hours of driving in too. He will be driving with the instructor after this week, 7 driving lessons – 2 hours for each lesson (14 hours total). and has to pass a road test with them – then make up the rest of the hours with family members. When he gets his driver’s license, he can’t have any other person under 18 in the car with him for 6 months after.

  26. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Nana are you meeting Kimmy at her house or is she going on the cruise too? Rock are you guys all getting together for dinner or something before the boat ships out?

  27. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Rock, why don’t you need a passport? I thought all cruises required them?

  28. The Rock says:

    No, passports are only required if you get on the ship in one country and off in another. For example, if you cruised to Paris from Florida and then decided to fly home from Paris, you would need it. But if you are getting back off the same location you got on the boat, it isn’t required.

  29. jsnana says:

    Yea, last load in the dryer. Towels.

  30. The Rock says:

    Wow, they are strict with the license thingy. Back in the stone age when I got my license, you just paid $15 and took the test. Or was it $10? LOL!!

    I remember making a 95% on the driving part. The guy said I didn’t look both ways at the railroad stop.

    Um, that’s because we are in an empty parking lot pretending we are at a railroad stop! DUH!!

    • Eve Doin'ME says:


    • jsnana says:

      LOL, and I think you need to make an appointment at the DMV to take the driving test. He had already taken the written test at the school, and we still waited 2 hours for him to go back for his picture and permit issuance! 2 hours of vintage Dennis the Mennis will do things to you – oh and grandson singing the DMV song.

  31. jsnana says:

    Is it nap time yet?

  32. The Rock says:

    Headed to lunch. BBIAB!

  33. jsnana says:

    Ya’ll know how much I enjoy baseball, but ever since my hubby got tossed out of the ball fields in Omaha for his craziness – I want to go to a Rangers game, but I don’t want to go with him.

  34. jsnana says:

    Well, gonna go fold some towels and do some reading. Glad we got together for a chat. It was good to be like old times. I sure needed it today.

    Hope ya’ll have a fantastic weekend. Hugs!

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