Sitting here listening to Christmas songs!


22 Responses to Sitting here listening to Christmas songs!

  1. Eve Doin'ME says:

    TGIT!!!!!!!!!! Today is my Friday! Hallelujah! I am SO ready for the holiday and change of scenery! I was going to hit the road asap on Wed., but now S is off but has to work tomorrow so I guess I’ll do hair and nails tomorry!

    Rock when are you guys leaving? Boom are you cooking at home this year?

  2. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Rock have you seen Breaking Dawn yet? I think I’m going to go see it tomorrow.

  3. The Rock says:

    Of course I have seen Breaking Dawn! At the movies and through Black Cinema! LOL!!!

  4. The Rock says:

    We can’t leave till early Thursday morning. I have to work a half day tomorry! It won’t be bad though. I plan on doing nada!

    • Eve Doin'ME says:

      I was supposed to work 1/2 day tomorrow, but the office is closing at noon and I had already requested a 1/2 day, SOOOO, I’m outta here at 4:30! YES!

  5. Eve Doin'ME says:

    BBwives reunion show SUCKED! It simply reiterated the fact that the whole season wasn’t shyt! LOL!

    Oan, how many packs of Outre 1B yaki did Malaysia have on her dayum head?! And why did Laura look like the black Lucille Ball? But, all in all, they all looked pretty. And Gloria said she had a lead in a movie? Uh huh, yeah right. She probably got a 5 min part cause her acting sucks! LOL!

    • The Rock says:

      Yeah, it was boring. And LMAO at Malaysia’s head. She did have tons of weave in it. And yes, Laura looked like a throw back drag queen. And Imani looked she had work done.

      Jackie looked a hot mess. The fat under her arms was ridiculous. That dress was too tiny!

  6. The Rock says:

    LOL!! Good for you!

  7. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Eclipse? Really? I thought it and the other one were BORING! So far, I’ve liked Twilight the best.

  8. The Rock says:

    I think it was the best one! I will agree that Twilight was just as good. But New Moon was boring unless you were 100% into the wolves.

  9. boomsheeka says:

    Hey Ladies!
    I’ll be at home with hubby. I am getting groceries this evening, then sprucing up a little. Preparing everything tomorrow night, cooking, eating, drinking, talking and laughing on Thursday (brothers, inlaws, friends). Recuperating Friday, dancing Friday nite, Christmas DAYcore on Saturday, relaxing on Sunday.

    SO looking forward to that.

  10. boomsheeka says:

    I missed BBW, but from your comments, I didn’t miss much. Didn’t think I would.

    I was trying to watch the Beverly Hills Housewives, but we had company so I missed that too.

    Have they mentioned that ol’ boy kilt hisself yet?

  11. The Rock says:

    Now they are doing Baseball Wives!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The Rock says:

    Of course it is! That’s one I won’t be watching.

    • Eve Doin'ME says:

      Imma finish watching the ones I am currently hooked on, but I ain’t adding no new ones! I’m already confused about what comes on and when, LOL! What happened to Brandy & RayJ and Fantasia 4-Real. I guess those two shows are done huh?

      Here are my faves and in this order:

      The Braxtons
      BBW’s Miami
      BBW’s LA
      TI and Tiny (Imma give them a shot, just cause I like T.I.) 😀

  13. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Y’all I am SO hungry! I’m sitting here thinking of a thousand things I would love for lunch! No. 1 being fried Tilapia and cole slaw!

  14. Eve Doin'ME says:

    Y’all have a safe and happy holiday weekend! Smooches!

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