Again with the Future

May 5, 2010


What’s hot in the news today people? Certainly not American Idol. Of which, by the way, Aaron is no longer a part. Everyone seemed to like Harry Connick Jr., so let’s start off with discussing him and his ilk. IS he the Frank Sinatra of our times? Or is there even anyone comparable to the likes of Old Blue Eyes? Personally, I think outstanding entertainers of old have nothing to worry about when it comes to maintaining their legendary longevity title. Like the guys in the Brat Pack, Lucille Ball, James Dean, Sidney Portier, Aretha Franklin, Elvis, James Brown. Where are the stand out entertainers of our time?

Michael Jackson of course was one. And I guess Brangelina is another. But who rocks the world in their respective indsutry? Who does everyone want to be with, want to be like, or just plain admire a great deal? I mean an internationally known, boundaries crossing, color line breaking, world-renowned kind of person. Whose name can you mention anywhere in the free world and people will say, Oh, yeah I like his last album, but the one in 1997 was his best work, or, She was really good in her last movie and the one she did 10 years ago.

Some entertainers are hot now, but can they stand the test of time? Do you think Rhianna and Chris will still be in the headlines in 15 years from now? Will we still care about how many children Angelina (and who ever she’s with at the time) have adopted? Will Lamaan still be jealous of my tryst with Idris after we made that Tyler Perry movie in 2012 about how we thought we were the last two people on earth and felt responsible for repopulating the entire human race so we had to do it 10 times a day and we forgot that the director said cut five hours ago?


It could happen!

Take us out HC.