Lady Gaga Unhappy with FOX: Idol News

May 9, 2010

Lady Gaga is a little miffed with FOX and Idol too maybe.  As you recall, Wednesday we saw her pre-taped performance of her new single Alejandro.  It seems that only  five minutes of Gaga’s pre-taped performance  made it to the airwaves complete with a grand finale that involved Gaga posing under a dripping statue of a burning angel.  But apparently our self-coronated diva  wasn’t happy with only 5 minutes.  She wrote on her offical Twitter this complaint: “FOX POORLY AMATEURLY edited cut my performance/musical arrangement on idol.”  Gaga then directed fans to the  “real” version on Perez Hilton’s blog.  The blog Idol Tracker was at the taping and reported that the studio audience was forced to stay in their seats over an hour and a half later than expected because of Gaga’s repeated practice sessions, though they say the star was appreciative of the audience’s sacrifice.   Gaga’s performance was risqué as usual, but the segment was most likely edited for length, as “Idol” is frequently criticized for going over their allotted time.  Of course, we’ve had no comment from  Fox.

It’s been announced that this summer, American Idol Kris Allen (remember him, Adam’s runner-up) will be touring the nation with the Barenaked Ladies. The tour kicks off July 8th in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “We’re excited to be on tour with them,” Kris told Entertainment Weekly. “They have a huge live following, so that’ll be fun. We get to play in places like Red Rock because of them. We’ll be playing shows every night.” (Adam will have his own Glam Tour this summer with himself and Allison Iraheta opening for him, interesting.) Kris also  just announced his second single that he’ll be releasing, which is “The Truth” featuring Pat Monahan from Train.  The duet version of “The Truth” will hit iTunes on May 11th.

American Idol’s arguably most successful winner (and it ain’t no mirror ball trophy), Kelly Clarkson, is singing through her anger. Which, is supposedly a healthy thing to do. Lord knows my shower has heard me croon through some awful days (admittedly, it’s hard to croon to my go-to angry pick of Rage Against the Machine).   Now that one of Clarkson’s songs has leaked online, there seems to be a snowball of controversy. See if you can keep up, because it confuses even me. The new song Wash, Rinse, Repeat has lyrics that reference Ryan Tedder – who wrote eerily similar songs for Beyonce and Clarkson.  When Beyonce’s song (”Halo”) was released first, everyone called Clarkson’s song (”Already Gone”) a rip-off. Everyone blamed her, when in reality she’d been duped. So her new song (allegedly) rails at Tedder and the music industry.  Meanwhile, another released track of Clarkson’s for her new album Naked Eye  is being blasted as a rip-off of the Arcade Fire song “Rebellion (Lies)”. On Twitter, Clarkson posted, “I’m so tired of disrespecting, lying, sneaky little trolls that pretend to be human.”  Here’s the song check out the words:  

Speaking of Kelly C, This week, posted their list of the Top 24 to come out of American Idol. They posed the question, “How have the contestants stacked up out in the wider waters of the music industry?” They answered it by looking at album sales, individual song sales, and radio play counts (according to Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen BDS as of April 17).   The top 5 are in order:  1. Kelly Clarkson, 2. Carrie Underwood, 3. Chris Daughtry, 4. Jordin Sparks and 5. David Cook.  Some favorites of this blog group:  No. 9 is Fantasia, No. 12 is Adam Lambert, No. 13 Jennifer Hudson, No. 19 Taylor Hicks.  And guess who’s No. 21….William Hung?   For the complete list go to


Wait, Wait, Are You Serious? Mr. Rogers? Evil?

May 1, 2010

ChattahBox– Well, I think I’ve heard it all.   FOX News, or mainly the ‘FOX and Friends’ panel have decided that there Mr. Rogers was evil.  Yup, Fred Rogers,  the American educator, Presbyterian minister,  lovable, cardigan-wearing friend to children of the last few decades is literally described as an “evil, evil man.”    The panel went on for more than 6 minutes about this.  Here’s some of what ChattahBox called their favorites:

  • Mr. Rogers told kids they were “special being just who they were”, which FOX and Friends says is disgusting because they aren’t necessarily special. A great message for kids!
  • Mr. Rogers launched a single-handed campaign that corrupted our youth and made them entitled Socialists.
  • Mr. Rogers is responsible for the “everybody wins” mentality with modern kids.

But, it really comes from one Prof. Don Chance, a finance professor at Louisiana State University, who is taking data to support his more or less stupid theory from another study that has nothing to do with Fred Rogers.   The original study comes from San Diego State University, which has shown an increase in narcissism among college students over the last 25 years.   Prof. Chance says that it can all be linked to Mr. Rogers, a claim that makes no sense.   This same Prof. also came out with a theory that Asian children living in the East have better work ethic when it comes to their grades because they didn’t have Mr. Rogers…ignoring a shocking amount of information and data based on political, economic, sociological and cultural issues.   The article goes on to say that perhaps Professor Chance should have spent a little more time and effort working on his theories. Or does he feel so entitled that we should just take him at his word?  I blame Captain Kangaroo.  (The good captain would of course be from my childhood).

Season 5’s country gal, Kellie Pickler, will be joining Rascal Flatts on tour this summer. The first leg of the new tour, “JC Penney Presents Rascal Flatts Nothing Like This Tour,” will being on June 25 in Raleigh, North Carolina and will continue with 26 shows through September 19th in Boston, Massachusetts. 

As some of you may have heard, Laura Bush is suggesting she, her husband and several aides were poisoned during a 2007 visit to Germany for the G8 summit, one of several new details in the former first lady’s forthcoming memoir, “Spoken From the Heart.”   Due to hit bookshelves May 4, Mrs. Bush says she and former President George W. Bush became mysteriously sick on the Germany trip to such a degree that the president became bedridden.  However, it’s been reported  the Secret Service investigated the possibility they were poisoned and doctors could only conclude they all contracted a virus. And with Laura Bush’s book about to hit the bookstores, Letterman had some fun last week with his Top 10 list introducing the “Top Ten Other Revelations In The Laura Bush Book.”   They’re pretty telling. Especially when Letterman revealed when she was just a girl, she “dreamed of one day marrying America’s worst president.”  Here’s the list:

10.       Keeps slim by wrasslin’ gators. 

 9.         As a little girl, dreamed of one day marrying America’s worst President.

 8.         Required extra staffers to cut up President’s pretzels.

 7.         Thought she was marrying Jeb.

6.         That poisoning incident?  Turns out George ate a Duraflame log.

5.         George still works on his cheerleading routines.

4.         At their house, it’s always happy hour!

3.         George loves M&Ms because he thinks they have Dubyas on ‘em.

2.         George W. Bush is so dumb, he once got tangled in a cordless phone. 

1.         Keeps the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner above the bed.