Idol Does Frank “Chairman of the Board” Sinatra

May 3, 2010

Tonight Harry Connick Jr. will mentor, and the remaining 5 will be doing songs of  Frank Sinatra.   HC, Jr. will also be the first Idol mentor to arrange the Idol’s music and there will be no guitars allowed this week.   Connick will be performing on Wednesday, along with Lady Gaga (pre-taped), who will NOT be singing Sinatra but  will perform a dash of “Bad Romance” on the piano, and will then break into her current hit  Alejandro.  Reportedly, Gaga has gone diva and according to Ok! magazine, she demanded  a $250,000 paycheck for appearing on the show.  Of course, she’s big right now (and not just her outfits) and with Idol’s sagging ratings, I would say it’s a good investment.  “Lady Gaga will make some jaws hit the ground as she wears a black thong with a revealing black fishnet bodysuit,” said one eyewitness of the performance. “It’s a typical provocative costume, but it’s a little shocking.”   Lady Gaga even uses blood in this performance.  And while wearing her skyhigh footwear, she almost took a tumble during the taping, but reportedly missed the fall and went on as normal, well, normal for Gaga anyway.  So, Wednesday show should be a big draw and interesting.

  The Idols will be singing basically the Great American Songbook.  You can go to iTunes and check out the list of songs.